September 13, 2009

Should My Child go to Public or Private College?

The dilemma continues to ponder most parents today. Should I send my child to public or private college? The rush to public and community colleges comes at a tough time. Some public schools are making even deeper budget cuts than private schools. At some universities, plans are in place to cut back their academic programs, close campuses, and to eliminate a merit scholarship program. And some states are capping student enrollments. As for enrolling in specific programs such as nursing, most likely you will be put on a wait list for who knows how long.

At these times, it is beneficial to finish school faster to get the primary job quicker. Yes, you will have to pay back student loans, but you will also be working in the field a lot sooner than the college student whose enrolled at a community college. By the time that student finishes state or community college, you will have your student loan already paid off or half way paid off because you took the high road and they took the slow road. Needless to say, whichever route you take may not be the wrong one, but the one most beneficial in your current life situation.