March 20, 2009

Tips for Finding the Right Scholarships - Find Money for College

When searching for scholarships on the internet, refine your searches to find the right scholarship. You can save time by using these keywords instead of scholarship or scholarships alone:

  • endowment

  • fellowship

  • foundation

  • fund

  • trust

    • Just add the name of the college or major of interest in front of these words. For example:

      Cal State University San Bernardino endowments
      Cal State University Los Angeles fellowships
      Cal State University San Bernardino foundation
      Cal State University San Bernardino scholarships


      nursing scholarships, fund, foundation, trust

      criminal justice scholarships, fund, foundation, trust

      single mothers scholarships, fund, foundation, trust

      minority scholarships, fund, foundation, trust

      When adding the keywords to your college, major or type; use plural as well as singular words, such as foundation vs. foundations, trust vs. trusts, etc. These are magic words that only the search engines will find in detail. Using both singular and plural keywords will help cut down your search time.

      For additional scholarship information go to "How to Win More Scholarships."

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